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Specialist childcare is the heart of Yorda Adventures. Our Playteam form a strong bond with each family we meet; we want to get to know your child and we love playing in the unique ways that your child enjoys. It is so important to us that you feel happy and reassured leaving your child in our care for the day. We communicate with you before and after each session and work to find ways to make the Playhouse the right environment for all of your child’s needs. We want our sessions to provide a well-deserved break for you from your full-time role caring for your incredible child, allowing for some time to spend with other family members, time for yourself to work or relax or simply a chance for your child to have fun with their friends.

From our 15 years of experience we know that some of our children love to get involved with group activities such as sensory stories, cooking, arts and crafts or singing while others are happy to explore the forest, chill out in the sensory room or bounce around on the trampolines. To meet this variety of need, Yorda Playworkers work one-to-one with the children. No matter what your child enjoys, our Playworkers are here to share in their play and to support them through any challenges they may face in day-to-day life.

We offer specialist childcare, for ages 5+ until they leave school, and a range of play and care projects. This is for children who have significant learning disabilities and need a one-to-one Playworker for support. There is an assessment process in order to access our specialist childcare.

The term ‘severe learning disability’ is open to misunderstanding and can cause a lot of confusion as children are unique individuals and often labels can be misleading as to their needs.

In order to make it clear we use a guide of 3 different categories and classify a child on their need for adult support in these areas.

A child is eligible if they meet two of the areas of significant support needs.

1. Communication and InteractionA child who has limited or no verbal communication with
limited understanding of verbal communication.
A child who requires adult support to engage with peers.
2. Personal Care and IndependenceA child who requires full adult support with the tasks of feeding, toileting and /or moving physically due to a physical or learning disability
3. Challenging BehaviourA child who may present behaviour whilst happy or sad which requires an adult to keep themselves or others safe.
Additional Health ConditionsConditions such as Epilepsy which require one to one support from an adult

To discuss whether your child is eligible please get in touch with Steph and Dani:

To meet the Playleading team, click on our Contact Us page

We work closely with our Yorda families. We will always contact you to let you know of any changes we are planning. The range of our specialist childcare includes projects such as After School Club, Supper Club, Playscheme and Adventure Holidays. Once you are registered with us you will be informed of the details of these projects and more that you can access.

You do not have to be eligible for our specialist childcare to access our family play projects.

A young person receives continuous care from us for an average of 12 years
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